1. Who can use the services of the UVCCC?
    • Anyone! We are here to offer services and support. We hope that all will feel welcome here.
  2. What will I encounter at the Center?
    • A warm, bright, professional place of privacy and confidentiality where the issues of life can be discussed and resolved and where growth and healing are celebrated.
  3. What does it cost to get help?
    • Professional services are offered at a fee, which can be discussed with the therapist. Peer services are offered free of cost, though a voluntary donation is requested. The Center does not want to turn anyone away due to lack of funds. Donations are greatly appreciated. They can be in the form of one-time gifts, donations for services received, and/or regular monthly support. Some supporters have set up regular electronic transfers to the UVCCC.
  4. How can I help the Center?
    • Trained and dedicated volunteers are always needed to expand office hours. Contact the Center for more information. Donations are always greatly appreciated.
  5. How can I contribute money?
    • The Center is seeking several sources of funding:
    • We are looking for people to pledge $25 a month to help with expenses and overhead.
    • We are encouraging churches to consider yearly financial gifts to help assist those who have limited funds.
    • We expect those receiving services to contribute some for the services they receive.
    • Professional services will be offered at a fee, with some flexibility in rate, as needed.
    • Peer services are offered free of cost, but a donation is requested, if possible.
  6. What else can I do?
    • Please pray for the Center
    • Spread the word about the UVCCC through phone calls, e-mails, letters, and word of mouth
    • Encourage your friends to visit the website and increase the visibility of this center.
  7. May I come by and visit the Center?
    • Of course! Just contact us first to make sure that there is not a session in progress. We'd love to sit down with a cup of coffee, water, or juice drink and talk about the UVCCC.